Cuteness Alert

First stop today was the hardware store in Wetherby to get tools and fittings to complete the plumbing job started in Friday.

Also popped in to supermarket for a few bits - which, as ever, turned into a small trolley load!

Whilst in town I popped down to the riverside and there on the dried up river bed was this family of swans. Only one cygnet - and the parents never really moved far away from it.  Extra shot of the cygnet on its own.

By the time I got back I couldn't be bothered with the plumbing - so put the tea (Lamb Rogan Josh) in the slow cooker to save messing around later.

Spent a lot of time on the new computer, trying to get my head around some of the keyboard shortcuts - seems to me I need at least four fingers
to achieve something that can be done with one finger on a Windows PC. I shall never remember the sequences!

Took Finlay for a short (30 minute) walk to the woods - he was really puffing even in the cooler air. My Fitbit stats have taken a real bashing over the last few days - my average has dropped from over 12K to just under 9K steps per day. Hopefully if the humidity drops later in the week we can start doing longer walks.

Finlay has got so used to the camera bag and boots meaning 'walkies' and gets excited when I get ready - if I try to leave without him he makes such a fuss, I can hear him howling down the street, so I don't get to go out walking much on my own!

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