Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I was so inspired by BowBelle and her beautiful butterfly blip that I just had to grab my camera and go hunting. It's been a windy day and taking photos of a butterfly on a straw with a tele lens and with out a tripod while the wind is blowing...not easy. That's why this little beauty isn't really sharp, but considering the circumstances, I'm happy! :D I also came across some other butterflies fluttering happily around and got some sharp photos of them sitting on clover flowers near the ground, but this little fellow was so special I decided to blip him/her anyway. Ants were scurrying around on the path and one sank its jaws in my leg. Not very nice of it! 
It's been a very hot day also. The only relief we got was a brief rain and some thunder.

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