Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

Coffee run

A packed day today. I had my out of hours dental appointment yesterday and they removed a wsdom tooth. It dealt with some of the pain, but unfortunately not the worst part, which got so much worse last night.

After a night of excruciating pain and very little sleep, even when I was sat upright I phoned NHS 24 again first thing this morning and managed to get an appointment out in Livingston for 11am. They took out another wisdom tooth and, touch wood, that seems to have done the trick. It's painful now but only the sort of pain you'd expect from having two teeth pulled out rather than the searing pain of last night.

After that we headed into town. I had the last shot of my coffee from Berlin this morning (pain or not, I need my caffeine fix) so headed into Machina for some more beans. Mark moved on from Brewlab to work there because they are starting to do their own roasting and their first batch was ready this week. Mark had put three bags aside for me. I tried a shot when I got home and I'll need to tweak my grinder settings as it under extracted a wee bit, but was tasty all the same.

We did a bit of time at the spa too, then headed home and I went out for a triaining exercise on the boat that Mike had set um with myself and Jamie and Sarah, two of the new starts.

A good day all in all and I'm looking for my first proper night's sleep in quite some time. It'll be novel sleeping lying down too.

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