Mono Monday: Link

My late grandmother's necklace has a pendant that doubles up as a brooch with a pearl in the shape of a teardrop. The wire link between the brooch and pearl is loose and needs repairing so I tend to spend much of the time I wear it clasping the pearl for fear of losing it.

The necklace is dress jewellery and not of any real value except for huge sentimental value on my part. I wore it to the 20s event on Saturday and to work today. It reminds me of my dear Nan and the wonderful stories she shared with me.

Thank you to Skeena for a great set of challenging themes for July's Mono Monday and thank you so much for nominating me for December. I'll try to uphold the high benchmark of MM hosts!

Thank you to all the blippers for your lovely comments recently. I have read them all and will reply soon - a bit manic with work and freelance commitments currently and a little slowed down by my asthma flaring up. Doc has doubled my puffer dose and instructed me to drink a glass of wine a night to relax...

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