I will fix you

When in times of maximum stress, unpick the crochet and start again.

I'm a lot better today thank you; especially to J who ran along this morning and questioned whether i should drive or not - fear not J ; I always wobble off the door step :). And also M who stood behind the counter in our local shop and looked horrified for me; am so sorry - lets look for a dentist with massive drugs together :)

Am definitely better than i was; less shocked, and less sore.

Now I have to make himself better - how he coped sitting in a waiting room for over two
Hours to be faced with me in the state i was in and retain any composure is beyond me.

When i woke this morning his arm was tightly round me - i love that he looks after me even when Im sleeping.

Onwards and upwards. I feel lots of dancing and Jack Daniels coming up on Friday night

Yeah am better!

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