Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Hello Robin.

Good start to the day, lovely hours walk with Lili then off to mums. Tell me why then everywhere I go to travel there is road works!!! eventually get to mum - full of giggles, happy eating chocolate buttons and drinking tea :). Noticed some blisters on her left hand so going to look into this .....

Onto WW - through the road works - got there late, but weighed in 3.5 lbs lighter!!! Yippee. My focusing paid off, must keep going. :)

Home for lunch with hubby. Then off to a flat to move some items out to the charity shop. Rang a clearance man (getting a quote) and another man to move some items to Reading (quoted £300!!!) - may have to re-think.

Skype with our daughter this evening :)))

My Robin is from my back garden this morning as I was sitting quietly drinking my coffee - trying to keep Lili from scaring them off.


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