Big Hill

By bighill

The end of a long day...

Into the studio early this morning and unloaded the bisque, got everything waxed and most of the glazing done.   By 3.45pm i was on my way up to Sydney to get some art supplies and then to the wharf for paddle practice with the MammoWarriors!   We're getting serious cos it's only 2 weeks till the big festival...and i am sooooo not in shape!   We did 4-5 race starts which are pretty grueling...then basically we drove our paddles into the water for most of the hour!   i headed to my new favorite chinese place, wet and hungry.....the young woman is now familiar with my routine.  she brings my glass of wine while i change into dry cloths.   Dinner was delicious....then the drive home to some good tunes and a setting sun.

When i got home the 'boys' .... Scott and Terry,  were just about to begin a bit of music.   They are still playing down there as i type...but i'm off to bed (with ear plugs) pretty soon.

the end of a very good day at Big Hill!

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