By kiiwi


Today I spent my time in the University Library, the place where I have been living the last couple of months. I'm currently busy writing my thesis, which means reading and reading for hours in a row without seeing any daylight, the only highs of my day being the coffeebreaks with friends who suffer in similar ways.
This day was particularly fun because I have to take pretty heavy painkillers (my right ribs feel like they have a knife stuck between them, wich is due to some weird move I made on the couch last week). These painkillers are some kind of morfine (probably a lot weaker though) and they made me feel like tripping the whole afternoon. I felt dizzy and drowsy, the whole room seemed to be spinning. Just decided to stick to regular aspirin from now on ;-)

Anyway, me and a friend decided to treat ourselves to some Noodles with roasted duck, bean sprouts, red coconutcurry and lemongrass @ Wagamama. We had a voucher which gave us two main courses for the price of one. Good deal and it was delicious!!

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