Vote Leave!

The first example of an explicitly anti David Cameron banner that I've seen, though lots of people around here have interpreted peoples anger as a direct way of getting back at this government.  Anyone who saw him perform on Look North TV could have told him how totally out of touch his message was.  This run down canal side warehouse is within a couple of hundred metres of the buildings shown in the extra, where today hundreds of people were enjoying food and drink in the outside cafes that dot this area of Leeds.
Today I caught the train so that I could attend a cafe session of the Yorkshire Region RPS (Royal Photographic Society) to get a little more advice on a couple of images I'm hoping to submit for the LRPS.  I think the session reinforced what I already know and I guess that if I don't feel I can retrieve a technical problem on one of the images I simply look for another. Goodness knows I've got enough images to sink a battleship (so to speak)!

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