Maison, the Demise of

I haven't added anything to my onestreet project of Greenhill Street for a while. About a year ago I published a shot of No.1, the night club Maison. As can be seen from today's photo Maison is no more, the building is being demolished to be redeveloped as apartments.

I guess one thing about featuring one street, there's always changes going on, a never ending photo shoot!

In other news: we are obviously destined never to see the will of Will. After attempting a week or so back we saw in the local paper a piece saying local residents could view the will for free this evening between six and seven. So after a very pleasant afternoon with Roz in the Garrick, I walked to Henley Street to meet Ann in Nero. On arrival at the Birthplace Trust we were met and told the Herald had given the wrong information and the viewing was actually last night (not sure how many, if any, people turned up). So to make up for it we, and everybody else who turned up this evening, was given a complimentary ticket to the exhibition and house to be used before 4th August when the will will be returned to the National Archive Offices.

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