Sellah Chimiliro

28th July 2016

This is Sellah Chimiloro. She is 15 and just finished Form 1. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters and walks for about 50 minutes to school
She is living with her mother only. Her father is away in Mzimba
married another woman but he still comes to see the family. He has 
no concern about the children, so for her education it's difficult to 
learn, she depends on her mother only.
Term 1
Agriculture 38%
Biology 45%
Chichewa 50%
English 42%
French 62%
Geography 57%
History 56%
Maths 19%
Physics 41%
Social 42%
Term 2
Agriculture: 46%
Bible: 40%
Biology: 33%
Chichewa: 52%
English: 45%
French: 49%
Geography: 52%
History: 56%
Mathematics: 28%
Physics: 36%
She is in a class of 51 and is in 17th position.

She has attended well at Saturday school, coming 19 of the past 20 days.
She regularly comes to our Centre for Learning to study after school, where she can get some assistance with her homework as well, and some food when she is hungry

Sponsor: Mrs Tanya Collins, Co Laois, Ireland

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