Ice fishing

Actually it's pier ice fishing. I guess when the ice is too thin (like during the summers even in Finland) you need to do the ice fishing from the pier. This was the start of the season competition. I think it looks cool. But would still not want to fish myself. 

We went to see an old friend of my husband's to Iisalmi and just happened to run into this ice fishing competition. Had coffees in a place that's a beer specialist. (They only had regular coffee. But I think you could have had all sorts of beers.) Iisalmi has the last operating Finnish beer brewery that is still owned by Finnish. So Iisalmi is a genuine beer city. And we still had coffees...

Anyway it's been raining on and off since yesterday afternoon. Lots of thunder in the picture too. Looks pretty wet also for the following week, so we'll be heading south tomorrow.

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