Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Tintin and the Island of Waimorakiratutu

Well dear Blippers it was as we thought, Tintin, Captain Haddock and the dogs were soon picked up by a Freighter and dropped off at the Island of Waimorakiratutu where there had been some very strange goings on.  Tintin and the dogs were keen to investigate the phenomenon.  Strange little creatures were hiding all over the place and if you had a magic Animal Positioning Product (APP), you were able to spot them.  You then had to throw a ball at the creature to capture them.  Sometimes they were very feisty and got away and others just walked into the trap.  People were walking all over the place with their magic APPs stocking up on the balls and catching creatures in the strangest of places.  The authorities on the Island were at a loss and were thinking of banning the magic APPs because people had walked into dangerous areas and some were even seen using the magic APP while driving their cars.  The zoos were filling up and they did not know what to do with all the creatures.  There was talk that the magic APP was really a mind control device and people were starting to worry. The authorities had even called in Thompson and Thomson to help.
The most elusive and most sought after of these Creatures was one called Pic-a-chew.  So called because it had a bad habit of chewing on anything it could find and then it would take a photo of what it had chewed.  Professor Calculus had come to the Island to study the Pic-a-Chew’s habits.  Really, he need only had studied Poppy because she has a habit of chewing anything and then I take a pic of it.  So to find a chewer you ask a chewer and Poppy led Professor Calculus and the group straight to the prized Pic-a-Chew with no need for the Magic APP.   The Pic-a-chew was sitting on the branch of a tree just about to chew the branch.  Well they could all see it of course but not Captain Haddock so they all had to shout  “LOOK BEHIND YOU!”.  Blistering barnacles he said, no need to shout!  "What did you say  about drought?"  Said Professor Calculus who was hard of hearing.  Sometimes travelling with this crowd was like a travelling circus thought the dogs.  The only sensible ones amongst them.

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