By Alberta

Bye Bye Harry

Well I managed to grab a few hours with my step grandson last night and this morning as I arrived in France and they left for the UK ... I did some quick snapping as they left so not very focussed but in some ways that seems appropriate as they are going to work in Australia from September and in some ways that all seems a little blurry .. so this was the difficult choice as this was our last glance with each other... Not sure when I will see them again .. except of course on skype!!! and as they were leaving I grabbed this which does seem a like a Bye Bye for now shot...

Anyway we had lots of fun... I don't see him very often and I just love playing with children.. not sure I could manage a week though which is what Grandpa has just done!! I think he is in need of convalescence now!! Everyone has had a great time for sure..

So our family is very scattered.. eldest son is currently in Chicago and might be working in Washington for a couple of years, next son is in Christchurch New Zealand studying at the Uni there (wildlife, genetics, animal biology), 2 step daughters in the UK, two stepdaughters live in Melbourne although one of them is working in the UK for a year and this little chap and his Mum (another stepdaughter.. just how many have I got you might be wondering ... 5 stepdaughters and 2 sons - so all that above should add up that unless I have acquired more along the way!!) and his Dad are moving to Sydney to work there... so we are a global family and thank God for video skype!!

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