The last kilometers through astonishing beautiful landscape. We climbed not higher than 350 meters today, but the mountains on either side reached around 1750 meter the highest. It was a narrow pass and the high mountain walls were very impressive.
Later, we followed the coastal road. We had plenty of time to get the ferry of three o'clock, to continue our tour towards Ålesund. The lovely salty sea smell was refreshing. We were in luck. It was the most beautiful summers day. We had a long wait in Sæbø, drank coffee and sat in the harbour drawing, before the ferry left. From Store Standal to Festøya, where we had to take the ferry to Solavågen,  was only 17 kilometers.
To find our way from Solavågen to the campsite in Ålesund was far from easy. In most cities where we cycle there is some sort of indication where you can or can't cycle towards the city centre, but here in Ålesund was nothing. So, we ended up on a very busy road, through a tunnel of almost a kilometer long and completely lost on a very busy roundabout.

Tomorrow we'll explore the city.

Distance 80 kilometer

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