Castles and Knickers

Thanks for all the comments on Zion yesterday - thankfully, he slept well, and is much better today.

Did a bit of sightseeing with the little family today - a stone circle; a dolmen, now a chapel, in Pavia; and then up to the castle at Arraiolos - we'd not climbed up there before. It's unusual in being almost totally circular, built in 1307, and like any other castles we've been to in the Alentejo, pretty deserted. I walked all round the walls - the 360 degree view of the surrounding Alentejano countryside is spectacular.

A piece of advice for visiting castles on windy days - best not to wear a skirt... not that there were many to see my knickers, but slightly disconcerting nevertheless. Can you see them in the silhouette??

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