Grateful Days

By Nickimags888


Lovely day here so still, sunny and warm. In fact it's perfect for a bbq that we're not going to have because the weather is supposed to be drizzly and foggy. Never mind we did eat lunch outside and we could possibly have tea outside as welll if we don't leave it too late.

I found these jars down the track near home buried in the soil with lots of other bits of china, glass and shells. It must have been a parish dumddp at some point as I'm sure Rik's dad has mentioned looking there for treasures in the past. We found the Bovril jar a couple of years ago but only found the Marmite in the past few weeks. I was going to save blipping them for a rainy day, but liked the sunlight shining through them.

Thanks for all the lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's Emperor Dragonfly really appreciate it! ☺

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