I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Ralph Medals in the Snuggle and Snooze Competition

Ralph was awarded the silver medal in the Snuggle and Snooze Competition early today. His usual burrowing stance would have given him the gold, but due to the heat at Canyon Gate Stadium, he was not up to the task.

Ralph was booted out of the Bed Hogging Competition last night. It was too much for the other participants to take when he decided to take over the whole venue.

These will be his last few days at the Canyon Gate Stadium. His trainer is coming to collect him and they will be off to the Mile High Stadium in Colorado.

We will be checking in on the other events tomorrow to see what team cormorant and bunnies are up to.

I am grateful to have a part-time companion, but will be more grateful when I have full access to the bed at night.

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