Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Carys was dancing at Fitfest in Hitchin this lunchtime. This is her wandering her way there. She looked so much more confident this year to previously and was smiling her way through the performance. There was lots on offer to entertain the boy too. He had a long play at squash with the local club and their rebound net, played lacrosse and also manged to score a goal at the netball stand.

Once C had done her dancing, she too had a go at the lacrosse (she has signed up for the school club for next year) and learnt she could catch a ball in her net with her eyes closed! She could also scoop up the ball at first attempt. Shooting a goal at netball too a bit longer, but perseverance won the day (and she has plenty of that) and she finally managed to get a goal. The woman running the stall was horrified that she hadn't started playing netball at school, until Carys told her she was only year 4 and had done it in PE but the club (which she has also signed up for next term) is for yrs 5&6. Turns out the lady thought Carys was much older than nine!

Picked up 19 more books for Will from the library! Reserved some more, which we can hopefully collect before we head to France! N&P had watched the dance display and came back for lunch. The kids flaked out reading for a while after lunch, but then played nicely in the sun tent in the garden until tea.

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