The Ghosts of my Friends

Scandalous Octogenarian showed me this little book today - "The Ghosts of my Friends".

I've never seen anything like it. It is about 5 inches deep and 3 wide. Your friend signs their name in ink and then folds the page and a little figure appears (the ghost). All were dated 1940 so many may indeed now be ghosts.

She also showed me her first born's baby book - the son that died - the story of which she repeats most often. Birth date 15/3/1955. Weight 9lbs 5oz. First tooth 2 months. First steps 10 months etc etc.

The book charts his first 5 years and was complete with a soft, dark curl. Well that was it! We both had silent tears rolling down our faces.

This job of mine.....

As soon as the working days was done, Clive and I travelled to Streatham to see Flo's new home.

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