The Night Sky

"Constellations are like the stars own form of art."
~ Unknown 

About a month ago we had some friends over for dinner. We ate outside on the patio under a clear sky filled with stars. The talk turned to how many stars there actually were up there and my friend Colleen asked me if I had heard of the SkyView app. I hadn't, so I downloaded right then and the six of us went goofy. By holding your phone up to the sky, illuminated planets & constellations appear including the names of all the stars. Colleen & I turned this way & that, oohing & aahing at the marvel of it all. 
I was like a junkie and definitely hooked. 

Randy figured out just the other day that you can take a photo of the sky on the app so I tried it out tonight. Although being a very heavily clouded sky I managed to find a few stars peeking through so I held my phone up towards the southwest and saw that two of the brighter stars were actually Saturn & Mars. How cool is that?  Also, the constellation Libra was showing. 

It really is the little things in life that make it so fun. 

Thanks for visiting  :o)

Until tomorrow...

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