a bright day

One of the water butts, reflecting the bright sky nicely. Unfortunately the night sky was cloudy so the many hundreds of shooting stars falling yesterday and today were not visible. (The Perseids) Maybe tonight?

So, this butt is by the cellar where my sprucing up continues, now the outside door is receiving attention. It is satisfying to see tangible results from relatively small inputs. The Harebells are so lovely, self-seeded by the stone steps. We have no Bluebells this far north, but Harebells almost make up for that.

Snot? oh yes, very much so, but we can't let that get in the way now can we? I am as unsavoury to be with as the first word in this paragraph indicates. I would prefer not to be with myself to be quite honest.

Did some serious Taichi practice today, not least since we have a follow up course soon. I'll get more out of it if I have actually learnt the basic order, moves etc. It is demanding and amazingly challenging to say it's slow and simple in essence. It takes me ages to learn sequences, but I'm getting there. The names alone would keep you working at it, "Diagonal Flying" being one of my favourites.

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