One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Ok, got that, but now what?

I'm pretty disciplined. 
I'm actually on the obedient side of servile. 
So when a shopping trolley (no, a dozen shopping trolleys!) tells me to visualise the in-store media specialists, you can bet your arse that I nearly burst a neuron trying to visualise them!

What do in-store media specialists look like, you may ask? 

I start easy. It's specialists with an S. In a desire to embrace plurality, and gender equality, I hastily visualise two. 
A man and a woman. 
In their mid-thirties. 
Not quite burned out yet by the rat race that the world of in-store media specialisation is bond to be. 

Next. What do they look like? 

Pretty pale, I'd say. Since they spend most of their time in store. 

Specialists. Experts in the domain. SMEs as we like to call them these days.
With a clipboard? Nah. That's so last century. 
A laptop? Nah. Last decade.
A tablet? Nah. Last year. 

Oversized smart watches. That's it. They are expertly monitoring media in store on their smart watches. 

How are they dressed?
Like this, on the right?

But a nowadays version. Fast forward 27 years. 
Lumberjack flannel shirt for him, with rolled up jeans to emphasize the secondhand Danner boots. 
50s patterned dress for her, with army boots and shit loads of colourful tattoos. For him too. 

That's it. I've visualised them. I'm clinging to the visualisation. 

I'm in there with them. In-store. Loving media of all types. On my smart watch. I'm so close I hear them bounce concepts off each other. On media specialisation. 

I visualise them.

What now?

Please tell me, shopping trolleys.

What now? 

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