Nadine Pierce, a snapshot

By nadinepierce

Homemade Halloumi

I finally got to try out the cheese making kit I bought at the Highland Show this afternoon and started off with some minted Halloumi (unknowingly it was the most laborious of all the 8 cheeses you can make but I love it).

It did take me 3.5 hours but it is very very tasty & apparently will be even better tomorrow once the salt has properly soaked in.

Got the reading list for my MSc - holy moly - don't think there'll be much time for my fantasy novels! I hadn't realised how expensive some of these books are either - a good few of them are £40-£50 a pop - ouch!

Luckily I know a couple of people who have just finished the course so have arranged to purchase a few from them.

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