Flower Friday 12 - Technology

Thank you BikerBear for hosting this challenge with a most intriguing twist. This blip shows two examples of technology in action.  It is a shot of the hanging baskets on our patio.  
Technology 1 - There is an automated watering system attached to the basket stand ( the green pot hanging underneath the baskets) there are pipes from that going into each basket, and one that goes to the water tap on the wall. The system is switched on by a controller on the tap.  If we are away from home at all then a timer can be added (the yellow box I have placed on the plant pot) to switch the water on and off automatically. - clever eh!
Technology 2 - I took this photograph on my IPad and then photographed that with my camera, which is the blip. 
Hope this all makes sense, it does in my head, not sure about in words.

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