Moonrise and the Kessock Bridge.

The plan made yesterday, sort of worked. Today was probably the warmest (I wouldn't go as far as calling the "hottest") day of the year, there was quite a bit of haze about, and general muck in the air. So as the Moon first appeared over the ridge, it wasn't at all clear, unfortunately. But I did catch it straight between the bridge's towers, as hoped, and again from lower down, at an angle. Preferred the above shot out of all those taken. An extra or two, in reverse order.

Was all smug at having done well to catch that, only to find that at some stage, a few days ago, I'd inadvertently switched the camera's file type from the usual RAW type, to just JPG - so not much scope for tinkering with the files. There were sweary words, aimed at the Numpty responsible.

Other stuff - part way through sorting 1985's photos.

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