I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Tragedy Averted at Canyon Gate Stadium

The first tragedy happened when this reporter went out with her camera today. What was I thinking.

When we were approaching the 5th green, a hawk was denied his grab at one of Team Bunny that was just minding it's own business. We were aghast at the hawk trying this is broad daylight in front of us!

He flew to the top of a tree so I grabbed my iPhone to try to get a picture so the bunny could pick him out of the line up, should the police decide to do anything about this crime.

As I approached, he flew right in front of me. Thank heaven for the "burst" mode. He escaped without any consequences. The crime here is astonishing!

I have learned my lesson. Never again shall I leave the house without my camera!

I am grateful for having my phone, when my big girl camera is not available.

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