love light

By lrw

Dance at Sunrise

I made arrangements with Olya to meet up on the beach at sunrise today. Even so late in the summer, that is still a lot earlier in the morning than I am used to. But it was so worth it.

We spent a couple of hours from just before sunrise to a little while after on the beach taking photographs, talking and telling stories. 

Olya is a dancer and of Ukrainian descent. She has a most serene, peaceful personality but all the while sharp, aware. A delight to spend time with.

She spent some time "back home" this summer. A lot of that time was spent with her mother who still lives there and between the two of them they created a wonderful series of dance videos. (Note: I should put a link to her vimeo account here).

We've worked together a number of times in the past and have created some really wonderful images along the way. Recently I wrote her suggesting a beach shoot, thinking quietly to myself that a sunrise shoot would be cool but given the hour of sunrise these days I was not especially excited to suggest this detail. But in her response she said how cool would it be to do a sunrise shoot. I guess that sort of clinched it ;)

It was my hope to catch a little of her dance passion this morning. I think I did. 

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