Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

The Olympic Stadium - Barcelona

We were up early to have a run before it got too hot, but it was already very hot by 8.00am and the run was difficult in that heat. After breakfast we left the boys at the pool and Gavin and I walked up the road to see the Olympic Stadium. It was built in 1927 and then renovated in 1989 for the 1992 Olympic Games that were held here. There were people having fun in the stadium - one group of four were running the 100m race, complete with a starting gun and a cheering crowd. Others were trying to score a goal in the football posts - we may go back there with the boys to try these events. We then visited the Olympic diving pool - see extra photo. This pool must have the best view in the world! Most diving pools are indoors but this one overlooks the city and is outdoors. It is open to the public during the months of July and August although they are not allowed to use the diving boards. 

Nearby was the Joan Miro Museum, so we decided to visit that as I have always found his art intriguing, and quite frankly rather indecipherable. Barcelona is the city of his birth and so it is fitting to have this museum here. It was built in 1975, eight years before he died. They have a huge collection of his art works, paintings as well as sculptures. I am convinced he is a misogynist because of the way he depicts women in his art - see extra photo for an example of this. However he was happily married to his wife until his death in 1983 and they had a daughter, both of whom he apparently treated very well.

It was so hot today that we spent the afternoon lying in the shade at the pool. We did plan to go on another bike ride but never quite made it!


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