Mirror in the cemetry

As today's Abstract Thursday had the theme of Mirrors, with an added bonus if you include a cemetery twist, I decided to take a hand mirror to a Church with a cemetery and see what I could find.  

I had chosen a local Church in Woodbury that I had visited before with our walking group, we often stop to view  or have a coffee break in churches we come across.  This one with its gravestones had no somber vibes around it.  After I had taken a series of shots I was just leaving and came across a woman cyclist eating her lunch sitting on the church wall.  She pointed out a leaning gravestone in front of her saying that she had just refound a relatives gravestone.  She had visited it as a young child and then later had failed to find it when with her father who had now died.  She was happy to be having her lunch with her relatives.

Many thanks to youoregon1 for encouraging me to wander around the cemetery with a mirror.

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