Wüstensachsen is a municipality Ehrenberg (Rhön) in the district of Fulda in Hesse and the municipal offices. The place is a recognized spa resort.
Wüstensachsen was first mentioned in the 1141st On December 31, 1970 Wüstensachsen concluded with Melperts, Reulbach, Seifert and Thaiden together for community Ehrenberg (Rhön).

Wüstensachsen should have existed in the 8th or 9th century and to have been settled by Saxons. These have left the place later again. He became deserted. Hence the name Wüstensachsen comes. 1141 Wüstensachsen is documented as "Voestensasse". By the plague in 1350 die 60% of the population. Balthasar von Steinau called Steinrück built around 1500, a castle and a church in 1517. In 1590 the church up to the chancel and the ground burned down completely. It was built a new church. The reconstruction was completed in 1597. 1673 Posthalterei is built in the Upper Tavern. In the years 1718-1787, many residents of Wüstensachsen emigrated to Hungary and Russia. An elementary school is built 1732nd Through a major fire in 1780 14 houses are destroyed. In 1800 the main source of income was the cloth making and agriculture. The national road no. 178 from Bischofsheim to Tann was built in the years 1835-1838. 1851/52 a new church was built.

Catholic parish church of St. Michael
In the years 1844-1853 many desert Sachsener emigrated to America. live 30 Jewish families in Wüstensachsen turn of the century. 1910 produced Fabian Diegelmann his Schlossmühle electric power and supplies the village with electricity. The Post Omnibus 1913 triggers from the stagecoach. On 1 February 1916, the operation of the railway Hilders-Wüstensachsen was taken. 1936/37 a labor camp for adolescent girls was built by the Nazis. During the pogroms of November 1938, the synagogue was destroyed by the Nazis. The last Jews fled in 1939 Wüstensachsen. Due to several bombings in World War II. On Wüstensachsen many houses are destroyed and killed people. In 1965 Wüstensachsen awarded the title "state-approved recreation". On December 31, 1972, the previously independent municipalities Wüstensachsen, Melperts, Seifert, and Thaiden Reulbach merged to community Ehrenberg. 1983 receives Wüstensachsen the title "health resort".

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