Children's museum...

Ewan has started getting a bit of a handful which happened last year on holiday but this one has been gradually creeping up on us. On a few occasions including this and the Baseball game, he went all moody, not wanting to go or giving no response other than a pained shrug.

We knew he'd enjoy the children's museum but just had to get over his initial mood on the subject. We got there and what do you know... he loved it. He was running around like a maddy.  Just marginally more than me.

When we first found out the dates for the wedding, one of the first things I did was to check out the Broncos schedule. Alas it was an away game in Chcago so tonight was the first of the four pre season games so we watched it with a fridge full of Coors and the basement big telly.  It was a ridiculous win for Denver with the Bears hardly posing any threat at all but it was interesting watching how they test out their players to find the right fit for the team in regular season.  We also got to see the players we watched at the training camp last week.

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