Seven-year flat

A lot has happened in the 7 years that I've lived (been based from...) this flat. Glossing over the fact that I've spent about half that time overseas, it's seen some formative changes in my life and I'll remember it as the first home that I owned and the gratitude I always felt on arriving home that I had a cozy corner of the world. Cozier sandwiched between two floors so energy bills were minimal. Getting out at the right time as downstairs just produced another howling newborn and the last one was still howling nightly aged about 4. I never properly integrated into Ely - being from a strange demographic in that I am neither reproducing alongside a beloved nor entering my twilight years. Living back in Cambridge as when I first moved to the area in 2008 will be a bit more fitting.

As I pulled off with the final load, the song Drive by Cars was playing on the radio. 'Who's gonna drive you home tonight?' It all felt very poignant. And then I snapped out of it as driving a van when you're out of practice is still petrifying.

Farewell little flat, you've been a peaceful safe haven and the base for many an adventure.

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