... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Keble: Remember What Happened To The Dinosaur

More confusing in large.
See extra for the graffiti response: 
Crocodile: "I did, and look what happened to me"

I had what I thought was an aimless amble. I'm not sure whether I subconsciously walked myself this way, but this message seemed particularly apt given that I spent too long last week exploring avian origins rather than avian flight.

This graffiti raises so many questions though... 
Most importantly: Which dinosaur? This doesn't look much like any dinosaur; it looks like a sprawling reptile (a wall lizard?), perhaps like the archosaurian common ancestor that dinosaurs shared with crocodiles (see extra)... Does the graffitier graffer graffiti writer mean "remember that many dinosaurs died, like all animals alive more than 65 million years ago"? It is almost certain that birds are descended from dinosaurs (maniraptoran theropods are the leading contenders), so dinosaurs as a whole (almost) certainly didn't die out along with almost all the other large animals (>25kg); while all non-avian dinosaurs are extinct, 'dinosaurs' are only not considered commonplace because those dinosaurs that didn't die are what we call birds (including Goosles). 
So, is the message really "remember to be small" or "remember to develop exaptations allowing your descendants to become supercool"? I'm not convinced that that sort of foresight is possible, but the evolution of evolvability is an interesting topic.
I think that's probably what the graffiti writer was getting at...

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