Coming Soon.......

......these words are music to my ears!

Why you ask.....well it's exciting to think at long last our one and only department store will be up and running in our small town. There will be no more lists being made for trips to Christchurch just to get socks, anything ending in 'wear' or 'ware', a gift needed at the last minute or just a little retail therapy during the quieter times of the day.

Our small shopping street, which can be walked in 10 straight minutes, was dead after the earthquakes, I'm not sure how the local businesses survived those long enduring years once the doors closed of our only department store. There were long delays while the owners worked with the insurers to close a deal, there were times when we thought the store wouldn't return but at long last a brand spanking new building has arisen out of the rubble.

Our shopping street is very much 'alive' and buzzing, in fact its hard to find a parking space and the people are smiling, laughing, it's just really nice to be walking along High Street again, everyone has a spring in their step.

Another exciting thing is the new department store is bringing with it some new businesses which will be good for employment and will give the buyer more opportunities, I can see there will be some good healthy competition for those already in business.

So the words 'Coming Soon' echo in my ears as we wait in anticipation for the grand opening......'Coming Soon' exciting!!

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

Edit: My extra shows the old building being demolished, the words:
.....Deconstructing today for a better tomorrow......

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