When the going gets weird

By Slybacon

It's Alive!

Yeah. Ok, so maybe there's a leap year missing. But I'm basically picking up where I left off alright?

I got into a bit of a Blip-back log when I started back to college. Then the site looked like it was going to vanish and it was all too horribly depressing to bother with.

So I put the time and effort into my degree instead (it wasn’t like I was short of photography related things to do). So now I have a BA in Professional Photography. 

I’m also leaving Edinburgh a week Today and moving to London. This is quite a momentous life change and documenting the success or failure or such an endeavour,  will no doubt prove interesting to look back on somewhere down the line.  

Above; demonstrates the problems you encounter trying to get anything done in Edinburgh during the festival. You're minding your own business, trying to conduct a photo shoot, when a guide leads a group of tourists straight through the middle of your shot...

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