Mono Monday - Smell

She carefully put on her favourite dress and shoes, and then sat on the edge of the bed and watched him dress.  She smiled to herself as he was buttoning up the freshly laundered crisp white shirt, anticipating just how he would smell.  There would be the faint fresh smell of line-dried laundry from the shirt, the slightly citrus and woody smell of his aftershave, but the most heavenly scent of all would be that familiar smell of him.  Not just a safe, secure smell borne out of familiarity but that oh so impossible-to-define scent that she remembered intoxicating her whenever he was near to her, even before they had started a relationship, and which she loved to wallow in when they had.

“Ready?”  he asked as he held out his hand to her.  “Yes” she replied simply, then took his hand as they set off for their evening out together. 

Thanks to JDO for hosting her inspiring challenge of the senses.

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