Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

More moor heather......

Thank you witty blip friends for the title idea :))

A trying day - which included my imac passing out.... it's in a coma I think... but hopefullly the helfpul man in Bradford will do a transplant and all will be well :/

A very therapeutic stomp around Ilkely moor this evening.... where I cursed and chuntered, but was cheered by Chino's tongue colour coordinating with the heather - oh the simple pleasures in life hey!  It was the best part of my day.... well along with my Dad giving me a second hug and kiss on leaving... because he forgot we'd just done it.... and you can't have too many hugs and kisses :) 

PS… please check out airedaleknitter's blipsnap (how cool is that - Ak got me blipping you know :))

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