Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

TinyTuesday: Plains Forktail Damselfly

I was at the Osprey pond this morning watching #4 soaring on the wind currents with both of her parents.  Dad is still bringing fish to the nest but it won't be long before she's on her own on the long trip south for the winter.  I really went there to look for something tiny and I wasn't disappointed.  I saw the tiniest bit of blue flitting in the bushes and went to investigate.  It was so small - not more than 20 mm - that at first I couldn't even tell it was a damselfly.  I wish this was sharper but this is handheld while I was leaning into the bush and teetering on the edge of the pond.  I only managed two shots before he flew off but I was happy to get enough detail to be able to identify him.  :-) 

Thank you to osuzanna for hosting the challenge this week!

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