Tiny Moon ...

I've to admit, it's a coincidence. I was this early morning in the building in this picture shined by the sun on the other side of the water. Was on the ground floor and perhaps you wonder if that's relevant information. But a part of the morning I lay there flat on my back in a chair nobody likes to sit in. The chair's not made for that, it's made to lay on ... on your back. Won't bore you with details, but the building is a dental clinic. And among so many other things happening I tried to distract myself from it all I turned my eyes and looked into the bright blue sky. And there I saw the reflection of the moon, very small and it made me think of today's challenge.

I made the picture here because another challenge was to get all the shades of light in one picture. And a glimpse of the moon of course. You can see a tiny white point left of the green roof of the former bridge keepers house. My contribution to tiny Tuesday #65.

For a - slightly - better view of the moon please see the enlarged version. The picture's made for the wide screen of the computer ...

Thank you for visiting my journal, your supporting comments and stars on yesterday's "Vanishing Rain Showers ...". Very kind of you!

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