Stratford-Upon-Avon Blipmeet

What a fabulous day with a wonderful bevvy of blippers! It was great to see both old friends and new! We were twelve in total - Ellaphant and Adrian, Hildasrose and Rob,  JDO,  Hillyblips,  oldjoe,  Black Tulip and JJ, Loosecanon and Technophobe and myself. My extra features a few of them!

Talking, walking, picnicking by the river, a look inside the theatre and, of course, taking hundreds of photos...... What better way to spend such a gloriously sunny day? :)

After we'd all said our goodbyes to one another, I wandered around some more, taking photos of this and that. I was thrilled to come across a photo shoot of a couple in one of the boats who were being photograph for the cover of an Asian wedding magazine! They didn't seem to mind me taking a few shots of my own but I think I'll hold off posting them on line.....

Many thanks for all the lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip - I'm so pleased you liked it!

Ann :))

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