Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Synchronised swans

At Blackford Pond. Although I usually associate this pose with aggression, here Mr and Mrs Swan proceeded to engage in a bit of synchronised swimming - they must have been watching the Olympics.

Still six cygnets who seem to be doing well and have of course grown since I last saw them - they don't look that much smaller than their parents, although they don't yet have the knob above their beak, so their heads don't look like swan heads. No tufted ducks around now - apparently they form large flocks when they aren't breeding, but not at Blackford Pond, clearly. No coots either, but it's been a while since they left. The heron was in residence in a tree on the far side of the pond. Various moorhens around but not doing anything about breeding. I saw an adult Little Grebe with one young that it was feeding and then I saw either that pair again later, or the other adult and young. 

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