Fun – Huh . . .

I suppose you might think it fun, or at least funny . . .
The day started well enough, and I finally got around to changing out the grill control on the cooker.  That went well enough other than putting the new one on upside down!!
This afternoon I set out for a combined shopping and photographic trip to Bourne.  Could not find a place to park where I wanted to photograph so went to the shops.  First shop NO wallet . . . !!
Drove back to Rippingale and was about to set out again when the lad found his bedroom door latch had broken and he could not get back in – huh again, it couldn’t have happened with him on the inside, could it?  But then again we may have not noticed the difference. 
Lots of trouble getting the door open as the inside of the latch (the bit that does the turning and moving the catch back) had totally disintegrated and was blocking the movement of the catch.
Reasonable shopping trip to Bourne and got a couple of replacement door latches and have fitted one of them. 
The blip is the old latch (on the right – note the lack of anything inside – now!) and one of the replacements on the left.
Thanks as usual to Youoregon1 for hosting Abstract Thursday – at61, Fun ?!

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