But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

The Welcome.

Back blip alert! Posted on Friday 26th of August.
It was a long drive today, from home in Roslin to visit Sis in Didcot. The journey was broken by a (very) short stop to drop Mrs TD off at her sister’s, they’re then going on a coach trip to Birmingham  to see the Quilt show tomorrow. By some strange coincidence, Sis and I are going to the same show where the four of us will meet and Herself will join us for the drive back to Didcot.
Meanwhile, having arrived and unpacked, I was not wanting much to eat, I just needed a good night’s sleep to set myself up for the drive to Brum and back – but first, I must turf this little critter off my bed; it’s not that he means any harm or is an any way offensive, it’s just that if he remains it might be deemed that I’m turning soft in my old age.

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