By Film

Inverness Harbour this morning, shortly after the arrival of the Russian ship Mekhanik Pyatlin, in the background. This line of ships (of which there are several near identical ones transporting timber here), always turn around before docking. Most other visiting ships turn around just before leaving.

The film used here, was found part used in an old broken camera, belonging to my parents. Managed to rewind it, and was just playing about with it - to use it up - in an old SLR camera bought for £8 from a local shop. Both seem to work, though the quality of the film (of undetermined age!) isn't great. 

There was a big shock for me, upon receiving the results. No-one could remember what the first part of the film had been used for. Most turned out to be from the wedding between myself and former wife! That was a surprise. And I did laugh...

Ricoh KR-5 Super II : f/4 : 1/2000" : 50mm : ISO200

Lens: SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7
Film: Kodacolor 200 (Colour negative)

[Frame : 17]

= = = = = = = = = =

Extra - Nicely restored Ferguson tractor, or "Fergie", that was being used for moving a boat trailer on the North Kessock slipway.

Ricoh KR-5 Super II : f/11 : 1/250" : 50mm : ISO200

[Frame : 22]

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