... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Beaumont Street: Carrion Crow

More and less moving in large.

I've been shouted at three times over this...
I spotted this poor crow on a traffic island (I think it was hit by a vehicle) as I walked into town; the sun wasn't out, but its iridescent plumage was still superb. I'm usually over the self-consciousness of taking pictures (except of people), but still kept it quick (two pictures) because I knew that others might be less keen; a passing van (driver) still shouted "Oi!" at me.

I ambled around the centre of town but nothing really grabbed my eye (except this Stage Door), and as I headed back the sun came out; I photographed the crow (briefly) en route home (including my blip) and got shouted at by two more drivers (one of whom shouted, "Are you going to give it the kiss of life?" as I took this, which was stupid, because it was obviously too late for that...).
I found it beautiful and rather moving.

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