Purple windows

My polarizer filter helped with this. I seldom take out my filters, so I wanted to try something different this evening. I like what I got.

I had a three-day weekend. My days off switched to Friday-Saturday (from Sunday-Monday), and I swapped days off with a co-worker this week, so I got a cool Friday to Sunday off.

How did I spend it? Not doing a lot. I probably should have been more active. I bet that would have lifted my spirits. I'm feeling kind of down. I did a lot of cleaning today and yesterday, watched some movies ("Avatar," "Look Who's Back") and TV shows ("Stranger Things), bought groceries, cooked meals (trying a simple new dish that's just chicken breast on spinach with some vinaigrette; it's delicious), but mostly staying in.

I went out tonight for the photo. I had nothing in mind and came back with about 50 shots. None was good, though I liked this one. I met two student photographers who now follow me on Instagram, though I'm sure they'll unfollow since I post crappy photos. I really should make a name for myself on one of these many mediums I use. (Media I use?)

Anyway, that's all. Meghan's got surgery on Wednesday, so I'm a mess. We were supposed to hang out this weekend, but I guess something came up with her. She'll be fine. They're removing part of her thyroid because it has a growth. No biggie. We hope! Nah, she'll be fine.

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