Jeremy's Birthday!

We took Phil and Jeremy to the GWK culture park to see a traditional Balinese Opera and the amazing statues of Vishnu and Garuda that they have there, see extra photo. Then we took them to Uluwatu to meet the Monkeys, we hired a guide who was great at keeping the bigger scarier ones in check and getting the more friendly ones up onto our shoulders and heads, all these pics are by Max.
PMKE video of the trip here / see the monkeys
Video of the GWK / see the dancing and the culture park
We had a great day and Phil and Jeremy loved it!

On the way home we stopped off at a coffee farm and met the Civet who eats the beans and is part of the process of making the Luwak coffee, we had a coffee/hot chocolate and herbal tea tasting and Gulliver had his first cup of coffee! It was vanilla coffee sweetened with a cinnamon stick in it.

Then we saw an abandoned house and went to check it out, see extra pics.

Such an exciting day.

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