Hooked by a Smile

There is a little story here, about the only thing I want to record from this day. After taking this shot I realised I'd been spotted. I soon received a little wave from the girl with the smile and it would have been rude not to have wandered across to say hello. Her mother was oblivious to all this and was a little surprised when the girl introduced me as her new friend! She was such a free spirit. I think it was she who'd encouraged the family to come out here.  I had a lovely chat with all of them.

The young girl loves the wide open space. She was very curious and full of questions for me. She asked me what was the most adventurous thing I'd ever done and I told her about my one and only parachute jump, perhaps not what I'd offer on deeper reflection but it was an easy one to describe. Her eyes lit up in awe and excitement. It was then that her father came across to join us. She promptly announced what she wanted for her birthday. I'm not sure her father was too impressed, but I was. Good on her. Long may that free spirit flourish. I really hope you do make a parachute jump one day. I decided it might be best to leave then before I sowed any more dangerous seeds. Her father looked a little anxious!

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