By hjarald

Snow World

The white construction on the horizon is a the new extension of ski piste nr 3 at Snow World in Zoetermeer (or Sweet Lake City as it's nicknamed by the Dutchies).

As we are at the topic of nicknames, I would like to inspire everyone to call this 'The Dutch Mountain' as we don't have any mountains at all, making this 70 meter high-rise above sea level (compare it with a 25 story flat) by far the highest artificial slope overlooking the otherwise completely flat Dutch landscape.

The slope used to be 200 m long and built against a former garbage belt, which is hidden behind the trees, the 100 m snowy white extension is what you can see rising into the air in this picture.

The brand-new 300 m piste will open in 29 days and will have a panorama deck at it's highest point granting visitors a breathtaking view over Hollands Green Heart landscape.

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Info: Newdelftblue by Hjarald Agnes.

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